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Character creation, WvW, exploration, crafting, epic boss battles, dungeons, and more: you name it, and it got a thorough test in last weekend’s closed beta event. The world of Tyria was crowded with many thousands of testers, and our media partners put in overtime to bring you plenty of coverage of the weekend’s festivities.

Now that the week’s drawing to a close, we’ve pulled together a roundup of some of the week’s coverage, so take a look:


Massively pulled out all the stops for the beta weekend. The writers all pitched in to talk about every aspect of the game: character creation, WvW, glory, and the overall experience. They also gave some detailed answers to reader questions, and Jef Reahard wrote about his experience as someone completely new to Tyria. jumped in with similar enthusiasm, taking a long look at the beauty of Divinity’s Reach, diving into competitive PvP, and doing some coverage of traits and skills. They also did a roundup of some of the little things that help to make GW2 great, and shared a few of the sillier moments of gameplay.

“Now that the beta weekend is over, I cannot wait to play more,” said Rock Paper Shotgun’s Richard Cobbett. He had plenty more to say in his in-depth review of the weekend’s festivities. Heinrich Lenhardt at VentureBeat shared that feeling, stating that he “only scratched the surface” during his weekend of gameplay.

Kotaku solicited questions about Guild Wars 2 from its readers, and spent the weekend making sure they were all answered with an entertaining combination of text and video.

Player Attack focused heavily on PvP play during the beta weekend, but came away with an appreciation for many of the underlying systems of the game, including weapons and skills: “For a system that seems so simple on the surface, there’s a lot more depth to it than some other titles in the genre, which is promising for players who really like their characters to be unique.”

Gamebreaker TV ran the full gamut of Guild Wars 2 coverage, from the smallest of details to a full tour of the Eternal Battlegrounds. Speaking of the Eternal Battlegrounds, GBTV also has video and play-by-play of some hair-raising golem battles.

Total Biscuit was all over the place during the beta weekend, cranking out videos about Charrzookas, effective stabbing, explorable-mode dungeon running, and overall impressions.

Finally, G4TV did a beta Q&A to answer the question “Why should you play Guild Wars 2?

There you have it—some of the highlights of this week’s beta coverage. We thank all of our press partners for their work, and we thank our entire beta testing crew for their time in Tyria last weekend!

Link Round-Up: CBT3 Edition – ArenaNet Blog.

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