The Witcher 2 ‘Enhanced Edition’ on Xbox 360 this April !

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Promising the “most polished and definitive version of the game,” CD Projekt RED says that The Witcher 2 on console is not a port but a “full game adaptation.” What does this mean? The game has been built with console in mind with a “new target locking system,” a new “intelligent camera system”, and an “improved character panel.” The game will fit on two DVDs.

The Witcher 2 will be available in two versions on console: a standard edition and a special “Dark” edition. The standard edition includes a few bonuses itself, including a world map, quest handbook, and game soundtrack for standard retail price ($60 in the US).

The game’s “Dark Edition” (pictured above) will be available for $80 (US) and feature the standard edition bonuses, a “Making Of” DVD, decals, Witcher medallion, and artbook.

CD Projekt RED also revealed a number of bonuses available to users for pre-ordering the game, which include Avatar costumes, a Witcher medallion keychain, a t-shirt, and more. These bonuses vary based on retailer, according to the

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