RIFT: Community Talk of Telara #12

Talk of Telara!

Welcome to the the twelfth edition of Talk of Telara, our bi-weekly community newsletter that highlights fan art, fan fiction, videos, and guides created by you, the Rift community!

This edition of Talk of Telara is brought to you by the letter B, for Boo!


Costume Contests!

Halloween was a spooky time to be had for all, and this year we celebrated by having an in-game costume contest!

We’ve had some amazing entries. You can still vote on the winner of your choice among the finalists at the links below:

To vote on and see the Bizarre costumes click here

To vote on and see the Beautiful costumes click here

To vote on and see the Terrifying costumes click here

We had some really amazing entries this year, so be sure to check them out. The pictures with the most likes will win.

Update 1.6

Update 1.6 is just around the corner. This will include the new zone, Ember Isle. Be sure to check out the PTS to see it yourself. It’s definitely the next step in the evolution of RIFT.

New Community Ambassadors

We are ramping up, and soon we will be in phase two of the Community Ambassador Program. Once again, you will be able to send in your nominations via email. Stay tuned for an announcement soon, but in the meantime, if you have any suggestions, please send them to community@riftgame.com.

Guild Spotlight!

We are sending out a new call for guilds who want to participate in the Guild Spotlight feature. We want to hear your guild’s story! Whether your guild has been with us since Beta or you’ve only recently found a home in Telara, we want to hear from you.

Guild leaders, please email your guild’s history, philosophy and anything else you’d like to share with the Community to guilds@trionworlds.com with your guild name and “Guild Spotlight” in the subject line. Tell us what makes your guild stand out from the rest! We’ll pick a few of our favorites to be featured in future installments of the Guild Spotlight.

We can’t wait to hear your stories!

Also, feel free to use this forum thread for discussion.

Community Events

Our weekly Community Events are still going on, so if you want your “Detective,” “Know-It-All” or “Stalker” title, remember to keep an eye on the forums or the community page, or get notifications when the events start on our official Facebook and Twitter.

Congratulations to our past winners listed here!

Trivia Contest (Earn the ‘Know it All Title’) – 10/27/11

Trivia Contest (Earn the ‘Know it All Title’) – 11/1/11

Telaran Scavenger Hunt – Earn the “Detective” Title! 

Community Creations

We would like to thank our creative and talented community members for sharing their artistic, writing, and video-making talents with us. Here are some samples from the Fan ArtFan Fiction, and Fan Videos forums.

Fan Art

This week we take a look at some of the entries for the costume contest.

Screenshot by Aelfina
Wicked Brimstone by Jaydhe
The Infernal by Nihilor 

Fan Videos/Music

SkyRIFT (Rift VLOG) Episode 7 Happy Halloween!

SaintAvalon provides us with the Rift – Extra Life 24 Hour Game-athon Wrap Up

The Scarn Guide for Master Mode Darkening Deeps might help out when you get to the last boss of the new Master Mode dungeon.


Our marvelous Rift guide writers have three new guides for us this issue. Again we say thank you, and may you never get tired of sharing your experience and knowledge with the rest of us!

Comprehensive Warrior Raid Tanking Guide – Written by tordana

DPS Cleric BiS Spreadsheet – Written by Noshei

Devious’ 1.5 Rogue Tanking Guide – Written by Devious

RIFT Chloromancer Healing Guide (as of Patch 1.4) – Written by ManaKeKz

Thinking man’s warrior PVP build (VK/RB) – Written by nocks

Shaman BiS Spreadsheet by Noshei

If you’re looking for more guides, remember that we have a comprehensive list of guides in our Rift Community Guides Compendium so do check it out!

That’s all for this edition of Talk of Telara! If you have a shard event, community news, creative works, or anything else you’d like to see if the next Talk of Telara, please feel free to PM a member of the Community Team, or email us at community@riftgame.com for consideration.

Talk About the Talk

To discuss the Talk of Telara or leave comments, please visit the post on the Official RIFT Forums.

RIFT™ Community – en – Talk of Telara #12.

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