Star Wars: The Old Republic Impressions Soon – PC Preview at IGN

BioWare and LucasArts Do Cosplay for Star Wars...

Image by Colony of Gamers via Flickr

Check in for ongoing impressions of BioWare‘s anticipated MMO.

Resting on the shoulders of Star Wars: The Old Republic are the hopes and dreams of millions. BioWare fans, Star Wars fans, and gamers looking for a new MMO to call their own each believe, or at least wish, that the BioWare-developed MMO will live up to the monumental expectations placed upon it, and provide a universe as big as World of Warcraft’s and as involved and reactive as any other BioWare title.

So the beta for The Old Republic is important. It’s the first time we’ve been able to play the game at our own pace and with our own persistent characters. We’re not entirely unrestricted — we can only talk about the early portions of the game from the Republic side — but with no short time limit and no specific class or area to focus on, it is much easier to get a sense of what The Old Republic will be like come December 20th.


PC Preview at IGN.

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