Republic Closed Beta Media Event Highlights – Darth Hater

IGN said:

More than Alderaan, Huttball makes every single class feel valuable. It also never feels like a stalemate, which is something other capture-the-flag modes almost always boil down to. Huttball is a mode that, come launch, I will be playing a lot.

MMORPG said:

The game opened up a lot more once I left Ord Mantell (where I only saw other Troopers and Smugglers) and made my way to Coruscant. Before arriving on Coruscant, I traveled to the Carrick space station in the midst of the Republic fleet. This is the Republic social hub shown off during the TOR main panel at New York Comic-Con last week. The station is indeed filled with vendors, a cantina, class and crafting trainers, and a jump off point to launch Flashpoints. It was a pretty neat spot, but felt sort of inorganic. It almost felt like a bit of a shopping mall in space. Everything is neatly placed and organized in an intelligent and convenient fashion, which is great for gameplay purposes but really not much else.

IGN said:

As if that wasn’t enough, the Trooper can swap between different firing modes. Called ‘Cells’, only one of these modes can be active at a time to give the Trooper added bonuses to all blaster shots. I favored the Plasma Cell over the Armor Piercing Cell, because it added a percent chance to ignite targets for a short while, inflicting damage over time. It also lets me use High Impact Bolt, a single high damage shot only usable against targets taking damage over time or who were incapacitated.

Massively said:

You’ll be traveling on foot until you ding 25, and I spent a good four hours or so just getting to level 7 (all without straying far from the very obvious beaten path between one quest hub and the next

IGN said:

In conversation they (companions) are less active and more reactive. Depending on which dialogue choices you make during a conversation sequence, your companion may gain or lose “Affection.”

Gamespy said:

The story (as much as I saw) is every bit as good as I’d hoped. Whether I was smack talking across the bleak wastes of Ord Mantell on my prissy smuggler or pontificating as a holier-than-thou Jedi Consular over the wooded paths of Tython, SWTOR pulled me into its world like no other MMO has pulled me before.

IGN said:

Once you have a crafting skill, items that you can theoretically craft — say, lightsabers and bracers for Force users as an Artificer — can be “Reverse Engineered.”…This is significant because you can break down items you create, and each self-created item you Reverse Engineer has a chance to teach you a recipe to create a better version of that item…It makes item-crafting somewhat of a slot machine, and gives you a reason to craft the same item a dozen times that isn’t strictly for skill-ups, sell back to vendors or put on the Auction House

Republic Closed Beta Media Event – Darth Hater.

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