Battlefield 3 Xbox 360 high-res texture pack is 1.5 GB

A few weeks ago DICE revealed that Xbox 360 copies of Battlefield 3 will ship with low-res textures, while players will have the ability to install higher resolution textures on the Xbox 360 hard drive. Now it’s been confirmed that the install takes up 1.5 GB of disk space.

DICE’s Patrick Bach said in a recent interview that the Xbox 360 version is basically “standard definition” with the regular texture pack. The reason they need to ship with an optional install is that not all Xbox 360 consoles have a hard drive, so Microsoft requires all game installs to be optional. Bach pointed out that the high-res textures do make a big difference to Battlefield 3. He said,

“It does make a difference, yes, absolutely. The whole engine is based around streaming textures, streaming terrain and a lot of other content.”

The PlayStation 3 version has a similar feature that automatically installs high-res textures to the PS3 hard drive.

If you’re interested in seeing how the Xbox 360 version looks with the high-res texture pack, check out the recent Xbox 360 screenshots.

Battlefield 3.

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