Five Reasons to Consider Guild Wars 2

Many MMORPG’s are hyped up before release because players expect it to be perfect and tailored to them. This is the reason why many games fail before launch actually, because of the players expecting more than it has to offer. The games usually are pretty good, just players are crushed by their false hopes and abandon it. I for one think Guild Wars 2 will be different. This game features many things that you can’t find anywhere else. Of course there will be that group of players that won’t buy it because of high expectations, but you, as a player need to appreciate what it already has. You must know that this game has many features that are not in other MMORPG’s and once you realize that, you should like it much more.

Here are five reasons on why I think you should at least consider this game.


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By Vampero Posted in MMORPG

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