Battlefield 3 pre-orders hit ‘a couple of million’

EA product manager Kevin O’Leary has told Fox Business that Battlefield 3 pre-orders have hit “a couple of million” units ahead of the game’s launch next week.


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“We’re doing very, very well,” he said. “A couple of million [pre-orders] out there. We already announced we’ve done great numbers so far.”

EA CFO Eric Brown said in early September that pre-orders for the highly-anticipated shooter Battlefield 3 had reached 1.25 million units, placing it “well ahead of its predecessor title, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, in regards to pre-orders in the same number of weeks till launch”.

With the game hitting the US on October 25, two weeks ahead of Modern Warfare 3, O’Leary said EA’s launching Battlefield 3 “in a great window”.

Responding to the suggestion that EA’s bringing a knife to a gun fight with Activision when it comes to competing with Call of Duty, O’ Leary added: “We’re looking at it as a long-term strategy and obviously Battlefield 3 is a great, brand new proposition out there that’s poised to succeed.

“Obviously we had great success with our previous title, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, and so we’re just really excited to bring Battlefield 3 out and convert a lot of people over to this warfare experience.”

EA said earlier today that over eight million players sampled the recent Battlefield 3 beta.

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