The Secret World – We kick off WEEK OF THE DRAGON!


That’s right, it’s the WEEK OF THE DRAGON!

Throughout the week, all eyes will be on the chaotic and secretive Dragon society, one of the three secret societies players can join in The Secret World

We’ll be releasing new screenshots, artworks, information, and a video. We will also be hosting an exclusive Q&A session on our Facebook page at the end of the week where we’ll only answer questions related to the Dragon!

To start off the week we just released six new Dragon screenshots, all of which you can find in the Media section.

The Dragon is perhaps the most mysterious of the three in-game secret societies; based in Seoul, the focus of the Dragon is to orchestrate change through chaos.

“Revealing new things about the Dragon is exciting for us, as the very nature of the Dragon is to stay hidden and create chaos behind the scenes to reach their ultimate goal,” Says Ragnar Tørnquist, Senior Producer and Director for ‘The Secret World’. “Not only is this a great opportunity to shed some light on the Dragon, but for a huge number of people who have already joined the Dragon through our initiation test, it’s an opportunity to find out more about their chosen secret society.”


All of you Illuminati and Templars out there — don’t fret — you’ll get your week later. For now, keep your eyes on the this website and learn to know your enemy!

The Secret World | Funcom.

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