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Originally Posted by Valduras

So I’ve read a number of theories from other people on the forums. They range from saying the “first come first served” statement is BS and doesn’t mean anything, referring to the limited number of pre-order codes, referring to who gets into game servers first in early access.

So question is, Who is trolling? What does it refer to? Does everyone who Pre-ordered get early access? My guess is it refers to who gets into servers first so there isnt crashing.



Originally Posted by Trobon

First come first served is in reference to who gets into early access first. They are staging it over a matter of days. Whoever puts in a pre-order code will get into early access, but it may not be on the first day of early access.

Trobon pretty much has it spot on.

Everyone who pre-orders the game will get Early Game Access; the amount will vary depending on when you redeem your pre-order code. There are a limited number of pre-orders available.

Despite what others may say (or want to believe), this is absolutely true and necessary for us to have a smooth, managed launch. We cannot allow every single person who pre-orders the game to attempt to login at the same time on Day One. It would be… bad.

Instead, we’re staging access, while planning on allowing a large number of people in at every stage. That means that for most people who pre-ordered early, they’ll be in either right at the start of Early Game Access or very close to it. For those who pre-order now and later, they’ll get access later.

We’re not talking about the specifics of how long Early Game Access will last yet, because that number depends on how many pre-orders we receive and how many people we allow into the game per stage, which itself depends on the results of testing. We’ll have more news on this before Early Game Access begins.

As always, I do urge people to read the Pre-Order FAQ which we spent so much time writing, and which contains answers to many… frequently asked… questions.

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