Rift -The Ember Isle Preview

Preview by [GPN] Tobiasstorm

Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Ember Isle is a new island. Well what did you expect, a spaceship?
It is a questing area for level 50+
It is basically a big Island (appears to be roughly 1.5x – 2x the size of Stillmoor) with a volcano in the middle, which I presume is where Maelforge is chilling.
There are two new factions “the farclan” and “watchers”. Also about 22 new dailies.
The land is very green an lush and a lot of color in the plants.  Also random mobs dropped planar charges for me, and there’s also ground spawn clickies that give you a charge as well.

Here are some screenshots I was able to grab

More to come soon

The Ember Isle Preview.


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