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In one of the other exciting developments (you know, aside from the official release date) from the Eurogamer Expo, Daniel Erickson confirmed achievements for launch! The guys over at Darth Hater condensed everything from the informal Meet and Greet, which you can read in its entirety here!

Better get this one before TOR comes out..

Question: Will there be achievements in the game

Stephen Reid: There will not be achievements in game at ship, correct?

Daniel Erickson: Not correct.

Stephen Reid: Not correct?!?

Daniel Erickson: Not correct. Achievements have made ship in fact. They’re not going to be the achievements, the crazy achievements that you have to place everywhere, that are like, “Hey if you drink 6 beers and fart in a cantina,” those are not going the achievements to go in. Version 1 of the achievement system which go in, which is actually doing big, heroic stuff, because there’s a ton of great optional content in The Old Republic, like, “Hey, I went to every world and kicked the world boss’s ass.” Those kinds of achievements. That’s going to be the level one system. People need reasons to go back to planets and run around and do that other stuff, so that will come second. The first system is, “Hey, here’s my bragging rights, here’s the bad ass stuff I did in-game.”

A nice surprise for everyone! Achievements are certainly a great means for motivating the player-base to do certain activities, if only at least once, and provide the collector / achiever / completionist in everyone something to do. They definitely offer people goals, and can offer fun rewards for everyone involved. Some people don’t like and don’t participate as much, but there are plenty of others who really enjoy this aspect of the game, and it’s good news that it will be there on launch day.

And sometimes, you cut it a little close…

What do you think of the inclusion of achievements at launch?

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