RIFT Community – en – PTS Event Today @ 4PM PDT – 1.5: Ashes of History World Event!

Two dragons of the Blood Storm have been defeated – Four remain. Update 1.5 is the prelude to the next epic saga of RIFT and through the history of Telara you will define its future!

Join us today (9/19) on the Public Test Shard at 4:00PM PDT (11PM GMT) for a first look at the Update 1.5 World Event: Ashes of History.

World Event Overview – Ashes of History

Before the Ward fell and the Blood Storms power seeped into the world a great network of instantaneous travel connected all the people of Telara. The Porticulums are based on this mysterious magic but its secrets were lost in the great war.

Akylios, the mad lord of the deep, sought to sow chaos by burying the ancient Travel Stones – their locations lost to his lunacy. Now his power is failing, and as his grip on the world slips into the abyss these ancient stones have begun to stir back to life – what mysteries do they hold?

Your search will take you to the ends of the earth heroes – steel yourselves, for you are not alone in your quest.  The Golden Maw and Wanton, the cults of Laethys & Maelforge, seek to use these stones for themselves and bring forth a new reign of fire and chaos!

Part 1: The Song of Karine

As the stones reactivate, strange sounds and music are heard coming from them.  As an Ascended, only you are capable of fully understanding the message being sent by the ghost of Karine – Telara’s first bard.

Part 2: A Strange Alliance

With Karine’s warning fresh in their minds, it is discovered that The Golden Maw and The Wanton have formed an alliance and are using the Travel Stones for some nefarious purpose – this can’t be good, and you must uncover the plot.

Part 3: Building Bridges

The Ascended must work to build their own (safe) Travel Gate to reach Ember Isle before The Golden Maw and The Wanton can execute their evil plan!

Character Copy to PTS!

You can now copy your character to the Public Test Shard! Simply click the Transfer button when you’re at Character select on the Live client and select “Copy to PTS” – it’s as easy as that! (though there may be a few bugs/limitations we’re working out). We will no longer be offering Gear/Leveling vendors with the introduction of this feature (except when testing requires it.)

You will need to download the PTS client if you have not done so already, this is approximately the same size as installing the full game and may take some time. For more information about PTS and how to access it please see:

Welcome to the Public Test Shard! – Getting Started

We look forward to seeing you there – have fun!

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