DICE aiming for “full year of play if you want to unlock everything”

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DICE has previously stated that they were surprised how many were playing Bad Company 2 well after its release (many still play the game today), and that Battlefield 3 would focus more on the long tun, with awards, unlocks and DLC. We know that it’ll take 100 hours to unlock every weapon and attachment per kit, and now DICE’s Patrick Bach has revealed a few more details about the longevity of Battlefield 3.

In a recent interview, Bach states that they’re aiming for a full year of play if players want to unlock everything. Bach said:

“You don’t have to play through the whole game to unlock a new thing – you’ll actually unlock things for each specific weapon and kit. On the other hand if you want to explore the full unlock tree, there’s plenty of things for you to do – we’re aiming for a full year of play for those who really want to unlock everything.”

Of course, a “year of play” differs from player to player. Since it’ll take 400 hours to unlock everything on all kits, that’s just over an hour of gameplay per day for 1 year. We’re sure many will be playing a lot more. On top of the unlocks, there are awards and DLC which will surely provide incentive for players to keep playing a long time after the release. Not to mention the stats tracking and fun gameplay — after all, it’s been 6 years since the release of Battlefield 2 and there are still thousands of active players.

Battlefield 3.

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