Hellgate Announcement!


Greetings Hellgate Players,

Due to the on-going issues about disconnection and latency for some of our players, we would like to gather an updated data for us to help those who are still experiencing these particular issues.

If you are experiencing connection, ping or frame rate issues please send us the following details:

T3FUN account name:
Current Location: (Please indicate at least the state and country you live in)
Internet Provider:
Internet Connection Type:
How many computers are connected to this line/connection?

Username: Amber
Present/current location: LA, USA
Internet Provider: AT&T
Internet Connection Type: Broadband 3mbps

How many computers are connected to this line/connection? 1


Please tell us more about the issue.
Does the issue happen at a specific time? (If yes, what time? – as much as possible please provide us a time that is according to the game time)
Do you encounter this issue even with low settings?

Please attach a dxdiag text file and a screenshot showing the in-game ping count/meter. (type /ping to display the in-game ping counter)

Please send the details to hellgatesupport@t3fun.com.

Rest assured that we are checking the server status from time to time to bring you the best gaming experience.

Thank you for supporting Hellgate Global.

Hellgate Global Team


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