Hellgate Global – Server Status


Please be advised that the developers are making manual adjustments to the game servers (settings and log-in procedure) at the moment. Hellgate Global server/s are still close.

By doing so, this will allow the client to execute/run the launcher and enable you to reach the log-in screen. However, please be reminded that you will not be able to log-in/play Hellgate Global.

Please expect to encounter error messages such as:

Network Error: Error 503
Server Offline
Could not connect to authentication server.

All of those error messages (or any error message alike) are normal due to the said adjustments. Once the manual adjustments are done, please expect that you will not be able to run the launcher anymore.

We will announce the opening date of the next beta phase as soon as we finalize most of its details.

Thank you for your understanding.

GM Vallafar

Hellgate GM Team

Hellgate Global

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