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Dozens of augmented future warriors battling in the streets. And in the game.

The multiplayer part of Crysis 2 had remained something of an enigma – we knew it was being made by Crytek UK, once Free Radical, but that was about it. All of that, of course, changed when we got to play it at a recent event. We once were blind, and now can see.

Bit close isn’t it?

Unless you have stealth engaged, but more on that later. We were able to play two modes, one a simple team deathmatch and the other involving what are essentially command points – items on the map that need to be reached and defended by players in order to accrue points and progress to the next artifact. Of alien origin, of course. We were promised more modes will ship with the finished game, but these were all we were able to play.

The base mechanics of the game are incredibly solid, but it’s through the use of the Nanosuit’s powers that the game gets really interesting online. All players have two standing powers in the shape of armour – making you more resilient for a short period – and stealth – making you near-invisible. Along with super-running and super-jumping it makes for a level, if not super-powered, playing field. From there players can choose from a pre-determined list of classes or simply come up with their own creation, picking a couple of weapons and a few modular enhancements to further customise their style of play.

Early warning systems, for example, show enemies on the radar much faster than normal. Silent running offers the ability to…well, run silently, making it easier to sneak up on opponents. Our time with the game showed it to be a very good system, offering perks while not upsetting the balance, and the standing stealth and armour powers offer a fine base to work from.

Behind you!

We found our time with Crysis 2 to be very encouraging. What first started out as a very standard experience soon revealed tactical nuance the likes of which is sure to hold the interest of players for a long time. This game looks better by the day.

Final Summary

Following from its exemplary Timesplitters 2, Crytek UK shows it can still deliver an exemplary multiplayer experience.

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